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Environment is our priority.

Pharma Puglia has a strong cooperation with some of the most authoritative and recognizable European certification bodies. This choice make all pot plants comply with retail.

GGN Code: 4063061019479

Where we come from

Pharma Puglia was born in 2019 from the meeting of managerial skills in the international development of large-scale business with decades of experience in intensive cultivation in the Puglia region. 

In August 2023, Pharma Puglia became the tenant of a company with a total extension of 250 ha of surface with 85 ha of greenhouses focus on pot plants production located in Candela (FG). The cooperation of specialized agronomists, push the production on pot plants species from 22 to 35 with the introduction of new market line dedicated to outdoor plants that will be on sale in 2024.